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Centurion Producer Award

To achieve CENTURION status is to earn one of the most prestigious awards presented to CENTURY 21 producers, individuals or teams. Only a small number of producers in the CENTURY 21 System ever reach this elevated status.

CENTURION® Producer Award

Beginning with the 1998 awards year, the CENTURY 21 System modified the CENTURION Producer award to recognize the change in business practices in the real estate industry. Owners and managers now qualify along with sales associates in two categories: individual and team. The choice that the producing owner, manager or agent makes concerning this business practice determines whether he or she is considered an Individual or a Team member.

What Is an Individual Producer?
An Individual producer is anyone working independently or with only clerical assistance not related to the solicitation of listings and sales. Clerical assistance includes administrative or secretarial support, such as filing, typing, computer work, mailings, and answering phones. Individual producers may not report commission income generated by, or with the assistance of, any other person.

Individual Examples

  • Sales person reporting only personally generated commission
  • Sales person with secretary doing only clerical work
  • Sales person receiving commissions for agreeing to temporarily cover an individual on sick or vacation leave with approval by broker

System Recognition

  • Trophy band to signify achievement level
  • CENTURION lapel pin
  • Congratulatory portfolio
  • Recognition on stage at Convention
  • Promotion on business cards, letterhead and advertising
  • Special trophy base for DOUBLE CENTURION and GRAND CENTURION level
Semi-Annual Awards
Pacesetter Platinum is awarded to producers on track for CENTURION Award with a minimum of $87,500 AGC or 30 units at six months.

Production Criteria for Individual Producers

CENTURION Producers $175,000 - $349,999 60 - 119
Double CENTURION Producers $350,000 - $524,999 120 - 179
Grand CENTURION Producers $525,000 & Above 180 & Above

Rules and Regulations
Producer = Owner, manager or sales associate producer.

  • Units based on International Award Units are defined as follows: "A closed listing or selling side that earned $500 or more in Adjusted Gross Commission is equal to one (1) awards unit and a closed side that earned at least $250 and less than $500 in Adjusted Gross Commission is equal to one half (1/2) an award unit. Timeshare transactions do not count as award units.
  • AGC = "Adjusted Gross Commission"
  • Income not allowed for awards purposes includes office bonuses, commissions received for the sale of securities, commissions received for the sale of insurance, and transactions that are paid as a result of an audit.
  • Producers will be recognized only in their category (individual or team) at their highest level of production.
  • Awards and recognition will be presented only to associates in Companies in good standing at year-end close.
  • To be counted for awards, transactions must be closed, settled and paid within the calendar year and reported with royalty fees paid in full by the financial close date.
  • All dollar amounts are expressed in U.S. currency.
  • In the event of a tie, Adjusted Gross Commission will serve as the tie-breaker for unit production-based awards.
  • Top-producing associates who join the CENTURY 21 System during the year are eligible for the producer award by following the prior production rules.
  • Prior production is not included in any recognition awards based on ranking.
  • Award credit is granted in the month in which a transaction actually closed, regardless of payment date.
  • Award credit is not given for audit transactions.





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